About the White Series

Welcome to my White Series page.

When I first started writing White Wind I had no idea that I would end up writing an entire series based on Sarah and Golden Eagle but something about this family demanded more from me. Truthfully, once I started writing the second book, White Wolf, I was hooked. This courageous and spirited family had me hooked and I’ve loved sharing every moment with each and every character and their world. I love this series and am constantly asked for information on new upcoming books. For those of my readers who love this series as much as I do, be patient. I am currently planning several new books. Check back for upcoming news.

White Series Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

One question I am asked is which order to read my White Series. There are two suggested ways to enjoy this series: by release date or by timeline.

In order by release date:

  • White Wind 03/96
  • White Wolf 01/99
  • White Flame 10/99
  • White Nights 04/00
  • White Dreams 10/00
  • White Dove 07/01
  • White Dawn 05/02
  • White Dusk 11/02
  • White Shadows 11/03
  • White Deception 11/04
  • White Vengeance 11/05

This is my recommended reading order: by timeline.

  • White Dawn
  • White Dusk
  • White Shadows – These three books are prequels to White Wind.
  • White Wind
  • White Wolf
  • White Nights – Chronologically, White Nights Follows White Wolf as the cast continues on the Oregon Trail.
  • White Flame – Takes place time wise at the same time as White Nights with the rest of the White Series
  • White Dreams – Chronologically, White Dreams follows White Flame
  • White Dove
  • White Deception
  • White Vengeance

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